DST ended. How does controller update?

How do I change or verify a change to the time setting in my Rachio3 unit? I found nothing in the app, and a search here reveals the same. As long as we have this silliness changing time twice a year, I’d like to learn how Rachio handles. Thanks.

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Looked at that too this morning since my sprinklers ran past sunrise and could not find anything about the system date/time.

My 8-unit also ran after sunrise, and I am unable to locate anywhere in the device, app, support FAQ’s about setting/adjusting date/time, or how twice-annual DST adjustments are effected.

It should use the controller address set up in Rachio. No one has ever mentioned that the controller DIDN’T account for DST, but I’m in Arizona, so I’ve never had the need to look for that…

Maybe some of the others can chime in and share their experiences with DST.

I wish we were on standard time year-round like AZ. I would expect Rachio would be just like any other device connected to the Internet to automatically adjust. With pressurized irrigation shut off, I guess I cannot verify so easily that I can think of.

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So, will this (and other) thread(s) here receive responses from Racchio staff, or only user/members?

Officially, this is a “community” where users mostly help users. Rachio do periodically respond on the community as well, but not as frequent.


I’m almost certain that the schedule is going to run based on the time that your phone thinks it is. You can easily check your start times and run times in the app. If you want your schedule to finish before sunrise, change your start time.