Drought Tolerant but NOT Xeriscape

I have a Rachio 3 and am trying to figure out what to use for my recently installed drought tolerant landscape which does not have any succulents except Ocotillo of which there are exactly two.

Being in SoCal I planted quite a few California Natives like Brittle Bush, Buckwheat and Cleveland sage as well as other sages, lavender, Yellow Bell, Hummingbird Lunch, Desert Cassia, Mexican Bird of Paradise, Pink Muhly amongst other things including Museum Palo Alto and Desert Willow trees.

This entire system is on drip emitters.

Should I use Xeriscape or Shrubs for these zones?

Also, is there a good tutorial on the Advanced Zone Settings someplace?

I am in Northern California and have similar drought tolerant plants in my yard. I am using the flower bed setting because my irrigation is set up by location in yard not by the plant on the zone. Since I have both drought tolerant perennials and shrubs on a zone, I have to water for whatever has the most need. The shrub setting may work for you if you don’t have any thirsty perennials mixed with the shrubs.

If you do an internet search for “Rachio community” “advanced setting”, you will find what you are looking for. Here is an article that is in depth and I found helpful:

I found this nifty guide from the City of Chandler, AZ which I utilized in setting up my controller.