Drought (or water savings?) advice

Long story short, the west (I’m specifically in Utah) is experiencing a really bad drought this year. Basically we’re being encouraged (not sure it’ll be legislated/mandated, but I think we’re on our way to that point) to cut back watering to the point of just barely trying to keep our lawns alive.

I’m fairly certain I could do this manually, but I’m just wondering what the consensus is - or if I’m missing something - of what the easiest way to do that would be.

Let’s say I wanted to cut water consumption across the board by [X]% for certain zones. Is there an easy way of changing to that?

Reduce the Crop Coefficient by the desired percent, and it will accomplish that.

Determining the minimum your lawn will tolerate is a whole 'nother animal.


I honestly thought that I’d replied to this, but alas…

Regardless thank you. I tried that immediately after you posted and have messed with it all summer (trying different values.)

Suffice to say it was exactly what I was looking for.

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