Drops Wifi when restarting router

I’ve had the Rachio 3 for over 3 years and it’s been working great.

Recently, I noticed when I perform my weekly router reboot (Eero mesh), the Rachio will not reconnect without me manually going to the panel and reconnecting to the Wifi.

This wasn’t an issue before and started a few months ago. The wifi connection to the panel seems good at somewhere between -60

Has anyone had this problem or know a way to fix it?

Although the app is saying no connection, it still seems to run the schedule… Is this normal?

I too had this issue as I regularly reset my router when I first bought my Rachio unit. To get around this, I had the Rachio connect to my modem which doesn’t reset often. It would be good if this could be resolved though as I would prefer to have the Rachio connect to my router.

I have never seen this myself, but you might be able to work around it by logging into your router and assigning a static IP address to the Rachio @Jo060

I’ve tried with no luck.
It actually just lost connection today without resetting the router.

Honestly, the next likely candidate is to take Eero out of the equation. Either (temp?) swap it out or add a second network.

If your topology allows, you might want to try a single more powerful router with a better antenna rather than mesh. That’s what I do.

I don’t think it’s the Eero as all other devices are working great and Rachio has worked well with it for quite some time.

I’ve made my home almost fully into a “Smart home”, it wouldn’t work well without a mesh system as even a stronger router wouldn’t reach to all ends of the house and outside devices.

It doesn’t sound like it’s a known issue, unfortunately. If it were me, and if this bothered me, I’d do some experiments like putting that device on it’s own WiFi that is non-mesh and seeing the same thing occurs. Good luck.