Drips are 2 GPH, what is my in/hour?

Hey, I’m so close to setting up my custom nozzle. I tested my drips and based off info provided from someone in this forum, a tablespoon filled up in 7 seconds, which equals 2 GPH. What do I plug in for my precip number in ‘in/hr’

Have I got a deal for you. Here’s a web site that does that calculation for you. Water Application Rate Calculator. Take your drip rate in GPH and the area in sq. ft. or sq. inches that the drip covers. Plug that into the calculator and you will get in/hr.

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Thanks. I’m lost on how to figure out my square inches that the drip covers. The drips are just used for individual plants.


It’s more of an estimate than anything. One good way to estimate the area is the length and width of the root system for the plant. Another way is the distance between emitters (length) and the distance between rows of emitters (width). The key here is to determine the sq. inches that the emitter is penetrating. A lot of that is dependent on the type of soil. You could let the soil dry out completely and run the emitter for 1 hour and measure how much area is wet. Check the Washington State web site at WSU.


Appreciate the help!

Any suggestions on how to estimate when you have a Hunter drip tube that doesn’t emit at each individual plant but just soaks the soil throughout the entire bed?

For regularly spaced emitters as part of a continuous drip line, you might try these resources:

Washington State University

Netafim calculator: