Drip Zone Extension

Have reached the limit of used zone wires currently in ground. Is there any problem with adding a new valve on an existing drip zone wire to extended a drip zone. Effectively running the two valves in parallel. Is the only issue sufficient water pressure to accommodate the increase in emitter count?

Water pressure and power draw are the first two concerns. On the power draw, what valve are you currently using and what will you add? Do you have a master valve or pump and if so, what kind?

Will have to check with my irrigation guy on the valve type. Currently have one zone activating two valves. A max of two valves would be activated by a zone schedule. Since I have run out of unused wires was trying to accommodate by running two relatively small-count emitter lines that are separated in the yard

Since you currently have a zone activating two valves, I think you will be fine. I was going to suggest expanding the drip line since it is a small count, but separated in the yard might not make that possible.

Thanks - Thomas - will advise any further complications.

You should be fine firing off up to 3 valves (either 3 zone valves, or 1 master valve and 2 zone valves). I have that set up in my yard on a few zones, and it has been fine for over 4 years.

Like @Thomas_Lerman said, the only other issue you need to watch out for is water pressure, but drip doesn’t need a lot of pressure, so you’d probably be fine.


Thanks much. Have a sixteen zone controller but the contractor only installed 10 strand wire all over the property - limiting me to nine zones. More that a bit frustrated. Since most of the zones are drip with this alternative solution I will only lose some finite control over individual areas some of which do not have many gal/hr emitters.


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