Drip setup options

Drip output is expressed in gallons per hour. For example, there is drip tubing with online emitters. You could have a default of 1 gallon per hour with the ability to customize. I don’t believe the current setup haso gallons per hour.

It doesn’t :frowning:. It’s almost voodoo, there just isn’t a way to represent such a heterogenous system in iro.

There is no common root depth, there is no consistent uniform distribution of water. Configuring this is voodoo, not to mention tweaks to the watering are almost always hardware based.

What worked for me keepin the estimates inline is 1 gallon per foot. For,every 2 gallon emitter, make your area 2 foot.

@robertokc That was one of my biggest struggles in setting up Fixed Daily. As you know we use a lot of drip in AZ. Three of my 4 zones are drip. I ended up using custom nozzles to get the run times I needed based on our AZ ‘Use It Wisely’ coalition’s recommendations.

If you’re bored, this crazy post describes a theory I have about how the PR in inches/hr is inversely proportional to the size of your vegetation for single emitter per plant setups. I’m sure that the method could be argued, but it’s working for me and seems to map what the AZ guide calls for.

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