Drip Line Won't Work - Valve Not Fully Opening

Hi All. Just installed plants and trees throughout property a few months ago and they are all dying. When I manually open the drip line valve, everything works. However, with Rachio, it doesn’t appear to open the valve enough as water is only reaching ~1/3 of the trees / plants (the rest of the drip line is dry, even after 45 minutes). I’m going through all the advanced settings trying to get Rachio to fully open the valve and not conserve anything. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Just guessing here, but I wonder whether its a faulty solenoid on your sprinkler valve? I had the same thing happen when I was installing my Rachio – one zone barely came on. But it wasn’t Rachio’s fault. An $8 solenoid at the Home Depot solved the problem:


Solenoid or diaphragm. If the solenoid is weak, it won’t properly open the diaphragm. If the diaphragm is old, they can sometime stick and not fully open.


Hey @dewilsona-

Any luck troubleshooting your drip line?

McKynzee :rachio:

Hello All,

Thank you for the help - after trying everything, turns out the wiring feeding all the way back to the box was bad and had to be replaced. Certainly not an easy fix but at least we found it. Thanks again for your help.

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