Drip Line Settings

Hey all. I have a drip line setup in a raised garden bed. Looking for appropriate settings. The relevant details are:

Drip lines used: Rain Bird 1/4" with 6" emitter spacing (4 lines, ~5" each, approximately 40 emitters total)
Manufacturer stated flow rate: 0.8 gph/emitter
Total gph: ~32 (0.8 gph/emitter x 4 lines x 5"/line * 2 emitters/foot)
Total gpm: ~0.5 (32 gph/60)
Total square footage: ~24 (4’x6’)
Plugging that into the precipitation rate calendar, it looks like:
PR = 96.25 x 0.5 / 24
PR = 2 in/hour

Does this look right? The watering times the flex schedule give me look pretty low.

Assuming the drip line is evenly spaced across the 24 square feet, that looks correct. Check how deep the water is soaking into the soil & adjust root depth. For vegetable garden I’d go no shallower than 6”