Drip line settings for 4" maple tree in Colorado

I have a drip line that a landscaper installed from a Maple tree and I need some help setting the correct or best settings for the tree. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Brian P Driscoll

Since no one else has replied, I’ll have a go. I think it would be best to find out from Internet sources about how much water your maple tree requires per week. I got this from the Colorado State Forest Service:

Using that as a basis (you might want to search for additional information), your tree requires around 40 gallons of water a week. They don’t say if that’s summer, spring or fall, but it’s better than nothing I guess.

Your drip zone should be all around the tree, out to the drip zone if possible (although in my experience, that usually takes it into another “zone” of irrigation, into grass or shrubs). I’d run the drip zone on your tree for an hour, and measure the gallons of water applied by reading your water meter before and after. Divide 40 by the gallons applied and that will give you the hours to water. If 1 hour applies 10 gallons, you’d water for 40/10 = 4 hours.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your response. I saw that information online, now I just need translate that to settings on Rachio settings. Any help there would be greatly appreciated!


Just set your Tree up as a Zone, enter information as you wish for the zone, then make up, probably, a Fixed schedule. Use Seasonal Shift if you want it to reduce the watering in cooler weather, and set the Minutes watering time to what you calculated using the steps above. Ignore most of the other settings, which change watering time. Just set the time at the end. No sense in getting all worried with soil type and such; you know how much water you want to apply, you calculate the time you want it to water, and set it to that. Watering once a week should be fine for trees, preferred even.