Drip lawn irrigation pressure setting

I am trying to figure out how to determine/set the psi on my drip irrigation system. I have a hose bib that comes off the main line as well as 4 lawn zones and 2 garden zones. The psi coming into the house (and system) is about 85psi. The system has a pressure regulator, but I am not sure how to determine if it is adjusted correctly without putting a meter somewhere, but I am not sure how to do that, Can I attach it to the hose bib off the main line and run a zone?

Depending on what type of “drip” you are using, you want to be around 25psi. I’m assuming you are saying that you have a pressure regulator for the whole house, which 85 is solid for home use, but is really too high for and type of sprinkler or drip. Sprinklers should be about 40psi max for best spray pattern, and again, drip should be about 25psi, which is why there are usually pressure reducers plumbed in line on drip zones. There are either in line pressure reducers, or combo filter and pressure reducers, which are a good idea for drip zones to eliminate small particles that could clog emitters.



I understand where the pressure should be, and I have a reducer in line from my water source. I just am not sure how to measure the pressure currently in the irrigation system and how to adjust the regulator if needed.