Drip Irrigation Fixed Schedule

I had a drip irrigation zone installed in my raised garden beds recently and love it. It’s now a zone in my Rachio. I want to water at let’s say, 6AM, 12AM, 3PM and 6PM and skip if the weather station detects rain. Probably sounds excessive but these are small garden plants in a well drained loose garden soil and they will wilt during intense Houston summers in direct sun. The controller makes this difficult or possible. Any help?

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I do this same kind of thing when my lawn overseeding is done in the fall. I set up separate fixed schedules for each time during the day that I want it done. While it may seem like a pain to do separate schedules, you only have one zone, and you only need to set it up once. For mine (and this seems like what you would want to do) I have Rain Skip ON, Freeze Skip ON, Wind Skip OFF, Saturation Skip OFF and Seasonal Shift OFF.


Same here !