Drip Emitter & soaking?

Hi! I have been switching my garden beds over to a drip emitter system. I am using the 360deg adjustable emitters. I have the set about where I want them. However, I ran a 10 minute quick run just to see how everything looked, and I had a good amount of water in my flower bed. I turned them down more, and I am ok with what I see.

The problem is, my Rachio 3 (flex daily) has the system running for 1 hour. After what I saw 1 hour would flood it. Also, can I set up the drip system to soak? Soaking would super help my particular garden.

Finally, I do like it in Flex Daily. I like how it adjust to each days weather and judges when it needs to water. I just need to dial in how much water is actually coming out.


Edit: I have spent some time using the emitter spreadsheet. That’s awesome! After using the spreadsheet, it makes my garden zone run for about 15 minutes. Does that sound reasonable? (Those drip emitters I have are approximately 7-18 gph. Almost all of them are set very slow or slow, so I’m willing to say 7-10 gph.

Also, can I use the number it gave me (4.00”/hr PR) and call my sprinkler a “fixed spray head”? I noticed the fixed spray head allows the soak & cycle to do its thing, but a emitter won’t.


What’s the emitter spread sheet?

15 minutes sounds reasonable for those emitters in a flower bed. They put out a lot of water.

Yes, you can change the nozzle type to spray, and adjust the PR accordingly, and if you feel a cycle soak would be helpful in this zone, it would allow you to do so.

The one here maybe ?