Drip emitter issue

Hi all. I’ve run into an issue with some of my drip emitters and want to see if anyone here might have suggestions for what might be causing the issue. This weekend I added a few more drip emitters to one of my trees. For several of the emitters I added the water now shoots out in spray instead of dripping/trickling out like it should. I tried flushing the system, removing the emitters, flushing it again, then adding new emitters but I still get the same issue. The system does have a pressure regulator on it and there are plenty of other emitters on the same line that don’t have this issue so I doubt the pressure is too high. Anyone have any ideas what might cause this?

I actually have one 1pgh emitter on a bush that is doing the same thing. So happens, it is within a foot of the end of the run of poly tubing. So far I have attributed my issue to being at the end of the run, but I haven’t had much time to mess with it. I also tried new emitter with no change.

I have others that don’t quite drip right, but not nearly as bad as the one.

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These emitters are also close to the end of the run, although there are some others that are interspersed with them that are working fine. I guess maybe I’ll just have to aim them at the ground

My issue is that they are throwing out way more water that they should…

I’m not sure if mine are releasing more water than what they are rated for. The stream of water they shoot is narrower than the expected trickle but it shoots out pretty fast and the stream reaches like 10 feet.

I called sprinkler world and they recommended getting a diffuser which I guess would go at the end of the spaghetti line to slow it down some more. I"m going to stop by after work today and see if I can get some.

I have a few emitters (higher than 1GPH, but I can’t remember if they are 2GPH or 5GPH) that come with a little diffuser cap that I can put on the emitter itself. Without that little diffuser cap they shoot a spray straight up in the air (one of them also about 10 feet!).

Yeah I wasn’t able to get to the supply store before they closed on Wednesday but I ended up just putting a T barb at the end of the spaghetti line and that worked just as well.

Someone on these forums pointed out pressure compensating emitters. I have yet to try them though. I have the simple flag style emitters. $5 for a 10-pack.

That might have been me :stuck_out_tongue: the emitters I have are pressure compensating. This is the first time I’ve ever had an issue with them. I’m pretty sure because these are pretty high output they might be prone to spraying like this as @Linn mentioned. But the output seemed to be pretty consistent either way, it’s just in one case it comes out as a very narrow jet stream while in other cases it’s a wide trickle

Also meant to ask you if you made it out to the Scottsdale workshop. Was wondering what you thought of it if you did.

No, unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it out as I ended up in Flagstaff at the time, enjoying Fall weather. I plan to keep an eye on the classes and hit one eventually though!

Now I’m jealous, been a while since I’ve headed up north.

They hold each workshop in the spring and fall so there are plenty of chances

We went up a week ago to Flagstaff to the inner basin trail. I did not realize what I was getting into when driving up that one lane hillside road. Nothing like the possibility of dying in a fiery crash rolling off of a mountain while trying to just go see fall colors

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@JPedrego This time of year is awesome in Flagstaff. I grew up in the midwest and it’s the full fall experience up there with the weather and fall colors. We started a tradition of heading to Flag for fall break. These pictures probably seem like nothing to a lot of folks on these boards, but for those of us in Phoenix with 98 deg. temps and no fall colors, it makes for a nice weekend trip!


Well now @Modawg2k and you have decided where my wife and I’s next trip will be. Will be a nice weekend getaway


PM me if you ever need a recommendation for a rental. We rent this cool restored home that’s perfect for a small family. It might be a bit much for just a couple, but maybe you’d like to take some friends. It’s a short, pleasant walk from downtown, with a lot of mom-and-pop shops, restaurants, cafes and most importantly microbrews and wine bars. :wink:


What area is this up there?

And here’s a pic when we went to the inner basin… I don’t think we even made it to the actual trail, that required some hiking and that wasn’t happening that day with my crew.


Nice pic @Modawg2k.

The house is in the neighborhood on the north side of Route 66, just NW of the train stop near Beaver Street. It’s a very nicely restored older home. It’s even better with kids as there’s a “secret” hidden kids room (think Narnia), and a small outdoor play house.

The hike was from a trail head on the road up to the ski resort, just before arriving. It was a short hike, again great with kids.


I grew up in Colorado (halfway between Denver and Boulder), and it is wonderful to see those aspens. Totally different from the color I get on the east coast!