Drainage issue

I’m new to the Rachio system. I’ve had it for a couple of months and it works great (flex schedules) all over my yard except for in an area where 2 zones overlap slightly. This area remains muddy and it’s killing the grass. Is there any advanced setting in which I can alter the drainage characteristics of the zone? The area is in full sun, clay soil, and st. Augustine grass.

I have a grass zone that gets a significant amount of water from another zone. I wouldn’t change any settings that are specific and true (i.e. your soil, sun) Here’s what I did

  1. Performed a catch cup test in each zone to find out how much water is delivered to that zone during an entire schedule run
  2. Created a custom nozzle to reflect the amount of water that zone received.

So while 2 of my zones have custom nozzle rates of around 1.5, my overlapped zone has a nozzle rate of 2.2. So really what happens is that my overlapped zone runs quite a bit less than my 2 other zones who have all other settings the same.


Consider removing a head or two. If there are overlapping full circle nozzles, replace with two half circles. Are these adjustable nozzles? Provide specifics to get the best solution:

  1. Type of sprinkler (rotor, pop spray)
  2. Nozzle brand and size
  3. Arc of the nozzles (quarter, half, full)

Once you know this, you can possibly change the default precipitation. Go to the manufacturer nozzle performance chart. There are some Rain Bird nozzles that apply more than 3 inches per hour. Rachio default is 1.5 inches. Does this help a little?

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