Downsides to buying more zones than currently need?

Are there any downsides to buying more zones than needed to have in case you want to set them up in the future?


I bought more than needed and am glad I did as I have split two zones to make a third, adding a couple of drip zones, and will be doing similar things soon. I may actually be close to the max after that. I cannot think of any downside other than the obvious that it cost more.

None whatsoever! In fact, I always recommend that you get one that allows AT LEAST a couple zones for future expansion.


@RainHusk - as @Thomas_Lerman and @tcremer said cost/money is the only downside that I can think of.

Advantages of having more terminals than zones:

  1. One can run shadow zones to see how a different program would water (e.g. using Fixed, but shadowing with Flex to see how it behaves).

  2. If a terminal breaks (e.g. wire broken off in it that can’t be removed or an electrical component fries) then a spare terminal can be used to replace the inoperable terminal without replacing the entire unit.

  3. And as @Thomas_Lerman and @tmcgahey said future expansion - no one know what the future holds.


One thing I haven’t seen is, it might be cheaper to buy more zones. For example, as of today the 8 zone Rachio 3 is $180 on Amazon. The 12 zone Rachio 3 was $169 at Costco last week when I bought mine.