Don't water when I shower

I suggest setting up a "no water time " so that when I shower the sprinkler system will not go off. Sometimes due to delays, timers or extended run times the sprinklers might go off when I am trying to shower. A no water time such as 5:30 to 6:30 AM so that I will not lose pressure when showering would be great and unique. You could also expand it to include the time the city says I cannot water say from 10AM to 6PM, that way even if I set a schedule to water and the number of zones and minutes will cause it to run at a no go time.

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How about changing your irrigation start time to 3:00 am?

I could but with 10 zones a seasonal adjustment could still hit my time and I want to water as close to when it will be hot as I can

Take a shower before you go to bed. :sunglasses:

I’ve thought about this too. Currently I start after showers at 7a. But on days where lots is being watered it can finish around 11:30. I’d like to start earlier, and pause for shower time, which varies from day to day. The solution will likely involve SmartThings, a motion sensor in the bathroom, and an IFTTT recipe

A quick comment. As I understand it, the goal of watering close to when it is hot out is not very efficient. This approach will result in increased water use due to evaporation. I have always watered just before sunrise to maximize the amount of moisture while minimizing the amount of evaporation. Does this still make sense?

I’ve got competing goals: 1) water while dark, 2) water after my wife and I are awake (rotors move a lot of water, and its loud). 3) avoid shower time. I can get the drip lines done starting at 4am, but if I stack the rotors after them, I’ll either wake myself, or ruin my shower. So they start at 7. Now, if I had an IFTTT channel that said “hold irrigation for motion in master bath…” I could start earlier and end earlier. Ain’t finishing before sunrise, but I might get closer.

Check any water agency or turf grass extension website and the will say not to water after 10:00am. Schedule irrigation at 3am and you will be good.


I need this feature so my wife stops bitching about the watering system! I never hear the end of it when she is trying to take a shower and they are running. Per the other thread, a simple pause button is needed.

Alternatively, black out periods would be good as well, but there are always exceptions to the schedule that need to be handled.


This should be a very easy feature for them to add and It is much more useful than all these different schedules they are coming up with…Instead of just a start time please add a feature where users can specify multiple time periods watering can take place. Ie. 0300-0630 and 0730-1000.

@komondor and @Stuman

Here is a solution for you guys. You can create 2 watering schedules, and split your zones between the two schedules.

Have the first one start at 4:00am and choose the zones that will allow it to complete before 5:30 or 6:00am (when you want to shower). Then have the remaining zones in the second schedule with a start time around 7:00am (after you are done showering).

Let me know if this helps you out.

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