Don't trust skips anymore - no water on 107F day?!?

My Rachio skipped yesterday in the midst of a record setting heat wave in LA, and has skipped three times in the last three weeks with temps in the 90s nearly the whole time. The weather station it gets data from has been accurate the whole time. One rose bush is nearly brown and the yard in general looks badly stressed. Is there a way to disable climate skipping for a week or two at a time? Rachio has been great for the past year but this has really undermined my confidence.


+1 - I have recently see Rachio adding moisture to zones that have had zero watering and zero reported rainfall and they end up totally skipping watering cycles. Go out and find the lawn so dry the Mars Rover is there.

I’m not convinced the ET formulas Iro2 uses are meant to be implemented in a linear manner. I.e., as it gets hotter, I think a disproportionate amount more of water is required. I don’t think the Iro2 is this accurate, and thus ‘gets behind’ as the ambient temperature increases.

Yup. Got a September 1 Seasonal Shift message as I was hand-watering to save landscaping on the hottest day ever reported in NorCal. Good idea, poor implementation. Rachio can access plenty of data sources to prevent such errors. In this case, a “local shift” should be applied to the seasonal shift.

In any case, this first happened August 1, then again today. I’m disabling all automatic schedule adjustments til next year, perhaps they’ll have an update by then.

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Very high temperatures can damage plants even if they are well watered. My Plant Physiology textbook states that most plant cells are damaged above 113F. This reference states that temperatures near the crown for grass can be 20F greater than ambient air.

I’m not claiming Rachio is perfect. Just pointing out that heat stress is not exactly the same as water stress.

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Same here. Seasonal shift on Sept 1 on a 107 degree day. I find that this happens every year in the central valley and I have to remind myself to bump up the watering days/amounts in the early fall and early spring. Since my zip code is in the profile, I was hoping my iro would be a bit smarter!

Rachio probably needs to rethink its ENTIRE intelligent scheduling strategy. The terminology is confusing, and the implementation is silly (as per this thread). We all respect the hardware, the app is one of the most productive and simple that I use, and the zones work great. But Skips and Flexible whatever and the rest of the intelligent scheduling stuff needs to be thrown away and rebuilt from scratch. I’ve disabled it all.


How do we use this information? More water? Less water? Mist instead to lower the temp? Spread ice cubes around?