Dog ate sprinkler wire

My dog has chewed through my sprinkler wire. She has done this before and I’ve been able to fix it but this time it isn’t working. Hopefully someone can help me.

I have dogs. They do crazy things. You have 18-gauge, multi-strand wire, covered by a poly sheath. You can go down to home depot and buy a few feet of 18-10 wire multi strand wire, ir a few feet of 18 gauge white for common and several feet of all red 18 gauge or matching colors to existing wire. To avoid future problems use,1 inch grey conduit and necessary fittings to sleeve the wire out to the point it goes out into your yard. You will need glue and some 1 inch conduit clamps. Buy a wiring harness and reattach everything right below the controller. Buy a bag of waterproof wire connectors to wire things back

I know, I have plenty of it. I think something is incorrect with the control board wiring.

I feel your frustration.

Do you have an Irritrol Rain Dial?

Yes I do

The links you sent aren’t working. :frowning:

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@ashleyaeh -

Step 1 - order an eight zone Rachio Gen 2 with an outdoor enclosure.

Step 2 - replace existing controller with the Rachio.

Sorry… couldn’t resist.

It appears that there are two white wires. One to the common and one to the master valve/pump start terminal. Is there a master valve installed in the system? Or a pump start relay? Make sure the right white wire is connected to the correct other half.

If a pump start relay is in place, does the pump come on when a zone is activated?

If a master valve is in place, does a zone work when the master valve is manually activated? If not, does a zone come on when both the zone solenoid and master valve solenoid are manually activated (i.e. checking to see that there is actual water pressure in the system).

When replacing the wires on the terminal, I’d also leave a lot less exposed copper - yes I know it is only 24 VAC, but I’m thinking of shorting out other components in the box.

Do you have access to a volt meter to see that there is still 24 VAC on the system (i.e. it didn’t short out when the wires were chewed)?

And I presume your dog is some sort of wire hair breed - again couldn’t resist.:smiling_imp:

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Are you planning on replacing your Rain Dial? One thing great about that controller is its strong lightning protection. But I encourage you to invest in a new Rachio. Buy from Rachio direct or from Ewing Irrigation, Home Depot, Best Buy or Amazon.

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Thank you for your help. I didn’t realize when I found this website that it’s purpose was to sell another kind of sprinkler system. I google this sprinkler issues and another issue came up similar to mine on this website. I’ll keep trying to fix my issue.

@ashleyaeh - Yes, this is a community site for another sprinkler controller. There are lots of smart people on the board that are very familiar with that product (Rachio), almost all of us are end users and not employed, paid, compensated by Rachio. Troubleshooting the wiring issue would be similar between various sprinkler products - I just don’t have any experience with the product you’re using. If you’ll answer the questions above, it may give someone a clue as to what the issue is.

I’d focus on the two white wires and make sure they are correct or even swap them to see if that fixes the problem. There could also be a break in the common (white) wire somewhere else that could lead to this issue.

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Does your system have a master valve? If so you need that wire connected to master valve pole in controller other wise system will not work

@DLane hit the nail on the head. Starting with a fresh Rachio is the first step. :slight_smile: