Doesn't seem Flex Monthly pays attention to weather

I’m here in sunny California where it hasn’t rained in a month now and the temperatures are up in the 70s. Yet despite the ACTUAL WEATHER, my Rachio has decreased my watering from every 6 days to every 8 days. Well, the days ARE shorter and nights are colder, but I’m not sure every 8 days is often enough for the current conditions.

I guess my question is 2 fold. Is the Flex schedule taking into account current weather conditions or just historical averages? And, is the Flex use of weather already including expected rain or is it assuming no rain, then skipping days when it does actually rain?

Seems to me if this wants to qualify as “Smart” it should be looking at the actual weather that has occurred to decide when enough drying out has happened. Or do I need to switch to Flex-Daily?

Flex Monthly takes into account historical averages for each month. It does look to weather for the potential skips.

If you want real time, Flex Daily would be an options, but be warned that it is recomended to dial your settings in as good as possible for it to function best.

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