Does the LED Light Ring Need to be Retina Frying Color and Intensity?

Any way to tone down the color and intensity of the LED light ring? Bright blue is one of the most eye straining colors. The intensity of the LED is unnecessarily extreme.

The control unit is mounted on the back wall of my garage and when I pull into my garage at night I’m left squinting trying to protect my eyes from the Rachio LED light ring. When I finally get into my house I’ll see blue spots if I close my eyes.

Any way you can tone it down?


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@holtzco - black electrical tape does wonders! There are other posts for LED dimming tape and I think someone created a 3D printed cover that would slide over the logo light ring - I don’t know if they published those plans or not.

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Thank you. I’d rather not cover it in electrical tape as I would like to see the indicators the LED light ring is giving me.

I was thinking about tape to dull it but why should I have to do so with a brand new expensive component?

I’m hoping a firmware update can just tone it down. Just don’t understand who thought it was a good idea to use that color and intensity.

Maybe I’ll go buy some colored film and cut it to shape in the meantime.

I’d like this to be adjustable as well. :wink:


Yeah, but I heard you wanted to adjust it to be brighter.


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