Does Support actually exist?

I am not able to call Support during work hours because … as you guessed it … I am working, too! So I followed instructions to email That was nearly five days ago. I have yet to receive a response. The chat bot can’t help me with my issue. I purchased a new Rachio 3 sprinkler controller. I was shipped an obviously used controller (it has deep scratches in a few places). The box contained a use controller and a power adapter, and that’s it. No instructions (I can find those easy enough) and no installation kit. I don’t live near a hardware store so it’s not so easy for me to just go buy some screws and other items to install the controller. Nor do I want a used controller considering I paid for a brand new controller.

So how does one get actual support when the Support team will not return emails within, as they claim, 24 hours? This is not a good way to start our relationship, Rachio. I really want this to work but you’re treading on thin ice.

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Where did you buy it from?

What are you looking for in an installation kit? It has been a year or more since I installed my last Rachio unit, but if anything, I only recall a couple screws. You wouldn’t happen to have a couple screws laying around?

I bought it on Rachio’s website. The installation kit includes wall anchors and screws, yes. Sure, I have screws laying around. But why should I (a) accept a used product when I paid for a brand new product and (b) accept a product with incomplete packaging? For all I know this thing has been dropped, kicked around, and who knows what. It may not even work correctly. I’m not hooking it up to find out until I hear from Support what they are going to do about it. It is quite obviously used, the “scratches” are more like “deep gouges” as if someone raked a screwdriver across the case. Would you pay for an advertised brand new car from Carmax and then accept delivery of a used car for the same price?

I was only asking because if you bought this from Amazon or some other retailer, that probably needed to be taken up with the retailer, not Rachio.

I purchased direct instead of through Amazon, thinking support would be better for direct sales rather than 3rd party sales. My friends who purchased direct in years past had nothing negative to say about the company, the products or their experience if/when they needed support. Makes me wonder if my email got trapped as spam or something. Would be nice if the chatbot on their website could connect you with a human who can help you. Ah, such is the future of support in America, all handled by chatbots with limited support abilities.

Thank you for trying to help, I do appreciate it very much! For now I will wait and see if I receive a response.

I’ve emailed support 7 times in the past 8 days. NO REPLIES. Their email support sucks!!! I’ve had to call in or use chat support. Twice I was told a Support Manager would call me. You guess it…NO CALL.

Very disappointing.

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He paid for a new unit… not one he bought at a garage sale.

As a new user, I’m also surprised that Support is not more involved in the community questions. I posted a question on the forum a week or so ago, and no meaningful response as yet. On other forums (other products), Support is right on top of things.

I’m aware of that. My point was if purchased through Amazon or some other retailer, it wouldn’t necessarily be a problem for Rachio to deal with.

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Received a response from Support today. They are replacing the unit. In the interim I did hook it up and it does work, I was able to test all 8 sprinkler zones successfully. I have no idea why the original owner sent it back.

So it sounds like support came through for you. 7 emails in 8 days…that’s a bit much.
I’m CERTAIN they are very busy and will get back to you in time (which they did).

They also have a live chat (hours are listed on their website). You just have to go through the troubleshooting to get to it.

Very true. Always try to buy from the source.