Does Rachio work with Gardena valves (Art. 1278)

Hey Folks,
I’m considering to buy a Rachio for my Garden to replace a Gardena controller.
The current controller works with four Gardena valves (Art. No 1278-20) ==>
Can somebody please confirm that Rachio works well with those valves?

Thanks, Martin

@e-maddin - the Gardena manual states the 1278-20 is 24 V A/C so it should be compatible with Rachio.

I don’t have Gardena valves, so I can’t test to be sure and I don’t work for Rachio, so I don’t know if they have tested out those specific valves. The main issue would be pulling too much current, which mainly happens on pump start relays - I wouldn’t expect those valves to pull too much current.

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The Gardena valves follow the jndustry standard and will work well with the controller. Don’t forget to buy a new power supply for the Rachio, the original one is only for 110V, not 230V.

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