Does manual activation alter Smart Sense schedule?

Putting in new beds in the yard; needed to see the heads to observe coverage area, running for 2 minutes.
Appears the flex schedule has now adjusted for those zones,even though they didn’t get adequate run time.

Is this by design ? Are there parameters that can be adjusted to avoid this when testing the system?

Assuming you are talking about soil moisture levels after running zones? This can be adjusted to empty on the webapp or mobile device (go to the individual zone and tap on Moisture Level (

As a side note, with our 2.5 software coming soon we will be releasing simpler scheduling that combines fixed and flex schedules.


Yes, they would adjust with flex. It would assume 2 minutes of water was added - which it was added. If that was enough to push watering out, it would push it. If not, it would water the next day (although possibly 2 minutes less).


Manual zone runs will not impact Water As Needed schedules.

Flex schedule durations do not change unless the water adjustment (rain drop) or a zone attribute was edited.

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