Do You Know Rachio Wants to Water?!

Push or email notifications about upcoming watering schedules would be incredibly helpful!

I have to move my trashcans prior to sprinklers being run and more times than not, I wasn’t aware Rachio wanted to water and the sprinkler just sprays the trashcan all night. :frowning:

I have mine set to run at 10p and if I were to receive a notification earlier in the day i could move my trash cans before i go to bed!

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Hey @G8T0R!

Of course, this makes so much sense. Sending off to the team now :slight_smile: There might be an IFTTT integration in the meantime that will send you a reminder X minutes/hours before. I don’t know for sure though!


(also, p.s. @mckynzee ^^ :slight_smile: )

I guess it depends on whether you are on flex daily or other…flex daily could change right before a run time depending on whether patterns. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it push forward, but certainly it has skipped or shifted later…

IFTTT might be a thing if the API passes future schedules thru, but I can’t say for sure.


Can you please advise if there has been any progress on implementing something like this? Since I have my controller set to start watering a few hours before dawn I would like the ability to receive notifications 6-8 hours before watering starts so that I can do a manual skip or take some other action if needed. It seems like it would be easy enough to add a field where users could select how much advanced notice they would like. I would say this is a very sorely needed improvement.

Hey @jcstevens! Unfortunately no update :frowning: I agree that this would be a cool feature.

Has anyone tried an IFTTT integration to achieve this?

Would really appreciate this feature as well, seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult for Rachio to implement…? I don’t know how to use IFTTT, but if that is a workaround, any support there would be welcome as well

I just looked into it, IFTTT won’t work (as far as I can tell) because the pre-defined ‘events’ (triggers) don’t have planned events listed, only actual events. For example it has ‘schedule started’ as a trigger but not ‘schedule planned within 18 hours’, so there isn’t a trigger that would activate before the actual watering starts.

Not sure who defines these triggers, is it Rachio? Can Rachio add a trigger for ‘schedule planned in 18 hours’ or something similar?