Do Seasonal Adjust and hyperlocal weather work in NZ/AUS?

I’m looking at purchasing the Rachio3 for use in NZ. A couple of questions, does the seasonal adjust work correctly? I read that an Aus user was having issues with watering increasing heading towards southern hemisphere winter and the second question, does the hyperlocal weather thing work outside of USA, ie should i purchase the R3e or R3?.

Thanks in advance

Hi Steve

Sorry to say it doesn’t (unless something has recently changed?) as the only historical data they have is for USA and Canada. This also means the Flexible Monthly Schedule won’t work either - see a post I put up a year or so ago…

I did post a copy of an email I received from Rachio Support confirming Seasonal Shift only works in USA/Canada but now I can’t find it - have they taken it down, I wonder?

Don’t forget that all Rachio’s come with 120V power supply so you’ll need to buy separately a 240V PSU with NZ pins (24v AC 1A from memory, note AC and not DC). This post might help you…

To answer your 2nd question, I think the hyperlocal bit refers to being able to access weather data from the nearest personal weather station with public access. You can check the likes of PWS Weather to find one near you but by far the best way of ensuring good local weather data is to use your own weather station and get it to publish the data on the likes of pwsweather so that your Rachio controller can access it. I use a Netatmo weather station but there are others too… I gather only the R3 now has the capability to link to local weather as the R3e doesn’t.

FYI I have 2 x R2 working with local Netatmo weather stations, one in UK and one in Spain. They do rain/frost skips quite well but I don’t get any of the benefits that seasonal shift or flexible monthly schedules offer to US/Canada users, hence no sense in spending extra on R3’s when R2’s were still available.

Hi Pedro

Thanks heaps for the reply. Annoying but if they dont have the historical data then I guess they don’t have it… Is Rachio still worth the price without this feature? Does it still have advantages over the much cheaper B-hyve 8 or the similarly priced B-hyve XR?? I’ve done the google searches and without this feature, perhaps the much cheaper B-hyve is the best value for money - happy to get the Rachio, but is it still worth it?


Yes - my biggest frustration is that they don’t make it clear that seasonal shift only works in USA/Canada!

Never seen your alternative before but it looks good and worth a punt (as long as it can connect to a local weather station, which I think it states it does). Forget the one circuit battery operated job that is designed to last about a month longer than the 12 month warranty! Go for something mains powered that controls (24v AC) solenoid valves for a long lasting solution, preferably with a master valve to ensure the whole water circuit is not pressurised unless watering (especially if you are irrigating grass e.g. without a pressure regulator - highly unlikely in NZ!).

Need to go to bed now (00:04 BST here) as am booked for a FB video meeting with friends in Auckland at 09:30 tomorrow morning!). Whereabouts in NZ are you?

I’m based further south - just outside of Christchurch (A place called West Melton). My sister lives in Auckland - nice place apart from the traffic!!

The two alternatives I was looking at are either


Hopefully above links work - (the first is only $US57!!!) anyway both I can change to 240V AC and operate my 24V AC valves… Currently I have a home built system using opensprinkler, a raspberry pi and a series or relays from aliexpress… was fun to make but after something I can set and forget really.

Enjoy your meeting tomorrow :slight_smile:

Yes, traffic is definitely much lighter down your way! I’m cooking Scallops with Pernod tonight using a recipe that we first ate in Fleurs Place down in Moeraki - it’s a small world, really!

After a little research, it appears that the b-hyve units use PWS Weather as their weather source so that is good, there’s one not far from you and if you decide it’s not accurate enough for your location, you always have the option of installing your own weather station and then connecting it to PWS. Your nearest station is

FYI I don’t use a physical rain sensor any more as the Rachio and previous Hunter controllers both disable ALL watering after rain, which is no good if you have a greenhouse and want it watered, whether it has rained or not! On the Rachio 2 I can disable rain skip on the greenhouse zone. - don’t know if you can do the same on the b-hyve?

One plus of the Rachio 3 is that I gather it works on either 2.4 or 5Ghz whereas the b-hyve (and Rachio 2) only work on 2.4Ghz. I have a separate 2.4Ghz SSID for my IoT devices so not a problem for me but it may be relevant.

The basic unit you sent me details of is for use indoors only - is yours going to be located inside or out? They do a 12 zone outdoor model too -

Sorry (for Rachio!) to say that because you won’t get the benefit of the seasonal shift, I’d be tempted to go for one of the b-hyve units as it seems they do all the Rachio 3 can do (outside US/Canada) for a lot less money…

Yes, for the money it seems a good option. I really wanted to get the rachio but I probably won’t - the controller is inside a shed so weather protection isn’t an issue.

Also, I’ve dined once at Fleurs - outside overlooking the sea which was really nice.

Thanks heaps for your help on this.
Best wishes