Do schedules carry over year to year?

Say I make 2 separate schedules:
Schedule 1: “Winter” to water 1 day a week for Jan, Feb & March.
Schedule 2: “Spring” to water 3 days a week for April, May & June.

Will the schedule carry over year to year?
I can’t seem to schedule past 2022.

In my city we are only allowed to water 1 day/week in the winter, 3 days in the spring and fall, 6 days in the summer.
This is yearly

I don’t think there is a way to schedule out in this manner. What you would have to do is set up two schedules, one winter, one spring, and you will have to enable/disable as the seasons change.

I can see that as the case as well.
Although, I am curious if the seasonal schedules will carry over year to year since I can’t seem to schedule past 2022 as of now.
Say my Spring schedule has been made for the upcoming Spring 2022 watering season. When I disable the sched at the end of Spring '22 will it be available to enable again in the Spring if '23?

Reason I’m asking is when creating the Spring schedule, the schedule is specifically dated for 2022. There’s no option to go into 2023 or to specify that the schedule carrys over year to year. Will I need make a new Spring Schedule in 2023… ?

Just create a 2 schedules, but don’t set an end date. Just enable and disable as the seasons change.

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