Do not detect flow from wireless sensor

Install of wireless flow underground is complete. I have poor signal strength, however it is working. When i calibrate, the first zone and zones 7-12 will calibrate. However zones 2-6 state “do not detect flow”. The zones are pressurizing quickly and working fine with no issues. I have run the calibrations a dozen times. Same results. Thoughts?

Are they drip zones that might be below the meter’s lower limit? (0.5gpm) If so, you can still use it for leak detect by setting the limit to its lowest value.

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Sorry, should have added, these are all rotor head zones for turf. Should have about 14 gpm, same as most of the other zones that are working.

Well, if it calibrates and communicates on multiple other zones then this will have to be answered by Rachio since it would have to be a software problem not a flowmeter problem. (The only other option being that there is some problem that you don’t know about in those zones making the flow be either below 0.5 or above 25)

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