Do I need to remove and add Flex schedules after editing any zone attribute?


I had Gen2 Rachio configured with custom nozzles around a week back. I have two flex schedules and one non-flex schedule. Today I came to know that the area for each zone was left at its default value. So I updated area for each zone to reflect their actual values.

Do Flex schedules automatically recalculate the watering time for each zone?
Or do I need to delete the current schedules and do it again?



Flex automatically use the latest zone attributes.

Just an FYI, the area attribute only affects estimated water usage, not frequency or duration.

Hope this helps.



@Videoguy, if you’d like your report values reset now that you’ve updated your zone areas, just email and they’ll take care of you.


Thanks Emil! Just sent an email with device serial numbers.


As Reset would wipe out all the old data, I am wondering how the reporting works if you don’t reset.

Lets say I have zone area set to 1000 sq ft. I kept it like that for two months. After two months, I changed the area for the zone to 500 sq ft. Will the water usage calculation going forward use 500 sq ft or 1000 sq ft?

My assumption is that all future calculations use 500 sq ft.



Yes, previous calculations will not change, future calculations will use the new sq. ft.