Do I need to ground Outdoor Enclosure plug

Just installed Rachio 3 with Outdoor Enclosure and everything is working fine. One question: Do I need to ground the plug inside the Outdoor Enclosure?

The existing power wiring to my unit runs through conduit and does not have a ground wire. I suppose that I could connect the ground wire to the conduit as a alternate approach to grounding. BUT, given that the Rachio 3 unit only has a two-prong plug, and is therefor not using the grounding feature of the plug, do I need to worry about the hassle of figuring out a grounding approach?


I think it’s fairly common to omit the ground conductor on the low voltage side of the transfomer. However, your conduit should normally be grounded if it is metal. This next part I’m not sure of, but i think you can use a properly grounded metal conduit AS the ground.