Do I need a connected Rachio device to be able to log-in to the webapp?

I want to access the public API’s to connect to the rachio’s cloud. But I am not able to log-in to the web app, even though I have created an account on the mobile app. Do I need to have a device connected to be able to log-in to the web app ? When I put in my username and password, nothing happens and I still see the log-in page. I see no errors, but I am not logged in either.

Hi @vvhomeuser-
You do need an active device in order to access the web app. If you are still wanting access to the API, please PM me, and I’ll see if I can’t work something out so you can access the API without a device.
McKynzee :rachio:

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Thank you. I have added a device now and I am able to log in. If I want to use the API’s through an external application, do I need any specific access ?

I do not believe so, all you need is that token from the web app. More info on that can be found here: