Do I have a pump start relay?

I am having master valve errors every time my first zone starts up. I have a pump which is wired to the “M” terminal but there is a box between the Rachio and the pump. The box has a sensor that detects if there’s no water to pump and turns off the pump. I’m not sure if that’s considered a pump start relay or not. I currently have the app set to “Master Valve”. Here are some photos of the box in question.

Any thoughts?

@LHuisingh - the Munro device is a pump start relay. I’d try changing the app to that option. There are some pump start relays that pull too much current for the Rachio.


I changed the setting to pump start relay. I did a Quick Run and still got a zone fault. Can anyone tell me anything about this particular model? Does it draw too much current?

@LHuisingh - If one does a search for Munro in the community posts there are several results.

This one mentions a low power version, but a different model number than I think you have ->

I might inquire of Munro has to how much current the existing box pulls or put an amp meter on the Rachio P line when it is running. And if there is a lower draw version of that model, ideally closer to 100 mA.

I set my master valve type to pump start relay. For the last 3 days, I have seen no alerts. Neither a zone alert about the master valve zone nor an alert about low pressure (probably because the pump turned on correctly). Hopefully, I won’t have to go to a lower amperage PSR, even though Munro said the model I had required 350 mA. I did get info on a replacement PSR or the parts required to modify my existing PSR. If I get zone faults again I might consider one of these options.
Thanks to everyone for their input.


Update: today’s run generated a zone fault for the master valve again. I guess I’ll have to get the components and have an electrician wire them in to make it a low current PSR.