Distance to official weather station

I just purchased the 16 station Rachio. I live in Templeton California and the closest active station listed is about 15-20 miles away and is typically 5-7 degrees hotter than where I live. I have been reading the posts regarding the change to non historical data. So since the nearest station looks to be quite a distance from me, can I expect it to be accurate. I looked at options for PWS, but to my understanding, for them to work, you have to feed them back to the internet weather sites and they are both costly and not simple to setup.

@bigbiggreendog‌ , I just sent you a personal message. Get back to me & I’ll figure it out for you.

@bigbiggreendog‌ , your nearest weather station is #D9146. It is about 1.8 miles away from you (as the crow flies) and is located here:

…and you can see the weather observations and predictions from this station here:


So I understand, do I have to select which weather station I want to follow? How does that work. As a suggestion, it would be helpful to explain how a WS gets assigned to the device. Also what would happen if that PWS gets turned off?

@bigbiggreendog‌, you don’t have to do anything special. Each weather station sends its observations to the weather service, Aeris. Each request to the weather service will then retrieve the data from the (geographically) nearest working weather station to your Iro. If a given station has no data for the last few minutes (or for whatever period of time we’re asking for), then the service will pick the next closest one to get data from.

Make sense?

Yes, Thank you. Is there a way to see which stations you are pulling from for Aeris?

historically I mean…

We get that info from Aeris, but we don’t currently display it in the app–phones don’t have much real estate, and we’re trying not to overwhelm people with information.

It looks like D9146 is pretty reliable, so I imagine we’ll be getting our observed data from there nearly all the time.

@bigbiggreendog‌ In our 1.7 mobile release we will be displaying the weather station used!