Distance from Weather Stations

I have a number of colleagues who become obsessed that a weather station might be 20 or 30 miles away. Yes, a small cell thunder storm could miss my house and rain at the weather station (or vice versa), but I’ve been taught this still does not make much of a difference with ET calculations. Our total rainfall last year was 54 inches in Oklahoma City , so I don’t see weather station distance as a big deal. I have wondered why Rachio does not work with the state Mesonet networks. Why is that? They actually calculate ET. As far as meteorology goes, Oklahoma is meteorolgy heaven with the National Severe Storm Center at OU.

@robertokc – great question. We’re always exploring ways to improve our weather services. The Mesonet network appears to collect great data. Looks like they sell the data, but have some pretty high fees for it’s use. Maybe you know someone that can get us special pricing… :wink:


As far as the Oklahoma Mesonet, I don’t have any contacts. They have one or more stations in each of the 77 counties here. They have multiple stations in higher populated areas like Oklahoma City. I would give them a call.