Disposable product?

So disappointed to only make it through two seasons before the device refuses to power on, and because it is 26 months since purchase, leaves me having to purchase a new controller. It isn’t like I am 4 years in on the panel, I am two, but I guess the Rachio 3 is essentially a disposable product. Most likely will switch to a name in the space that has a proven track record. My old controller lasted 16 years.

Have you verified that it’s not the power supply that’s broken? A cheap multimeter should do a trick.
It may be that the surge protector blew up and is now shorting. Pretty easy fix if you are, or know someone who is, handy with a soldering iron.
I’ve been around the community forums for a while, can’t remember seeing a controller fail due to a cause not related to the enviroment.

Hi Gene, thanks for the note. I have verified that it is not the powersupply. Good thought though

Like @Gene said, a completely dead controller is far from the norm. I’ve got a couple Gen1’s out there going 6 years strong, and a couple Gen3 going fine for a couple years

I guess my biggest issue about calling rachio a disposable product, is that it implies that it cannot (due to technical or financial reasons) be repaired. I’ve helped plenty of people on these forums to repair theirs, so I disagree with the premise.
OP, please take a time to take a cover off of your controller and share a photo of the logic board, perhaps it will be an easy fix.

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