Displaying incorrect weather

The PWS site has the right weather for my station. Rachio is displaying the wrong temperature and prevented my system from running this morning. https://www.pwsweather.com/obs/KTXDALLA3.html

Rachio is showing 37F

33 AM

I also have the same problem — for the last three days. PWS data is correct and up-to-date.

Current temp in SATX is 62 but my Rachio is displaying a temp of 37.

Same issue, KGKY (Arlington Texas airport) is stuck at 32 degrees for the last several days.

Is Rachio working on this problem. I switched to a station about a mile away and Rachio reads that one ok, on my station Rachio seems to be stuck on the wrong day.

My understanding is that Rachio server retrieves the info then makes it available to each unit, so it appears to me they have an issue with their data and certain PWS stations are not being updated.

Did anyone have any luck getting this problem fixed? I have the same issue here in Australia. PWS data is correct but Rachio fails to update. I tried multiple surrounding stations, some look Ok many are ‘stuck’.

I have not heard from them since the 1/25/18.

I’ve raised it with support and I’ll let you know if I get a solution.

Similar problem here. Temperature reading stuck at 41 degrees Fahrenheit; sprinklers ran when actual temperature was 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and now I have an ice skating rink.

The only thing to do now is change to a different weather station until you find one that is working. I was lucky there was one within a mile that was still being read.