Displayed weather station not same as selected

I have a weird thing going on with the displayed weather station on web vs mobile apps. The selected weather station is : PWS_KSCAIKEN23 2.91 mi and is displayed properly on the web app overview screen. However the mobile app displays the weather station as : MID_E1585 2.87 mi. When I go to “Change weather station” on either app it sows that KSCAIKEN23 is selected. In fact, MID_E1585 is not even in the list for selection. I seem to remember that awhile ago that station MID_E1585 was listed under PWS but is no longer there.
So why is the mobile app still showing the MID_E15856 station as my selected weather station on the overview screen display?
And what happened to the MID_E1585 PWS?

@edbianc – hmm, I’m not able to replicate this discrepancy. Are you using iOS or Android?

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend refreshing the app by going to the top of the dashboard screen (screen with the Local Weather card) and pull down on the screen. Alternatively, logging out and back into the app should refresh it.

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Using Android app. Refresh did not do anything but logging out and in worked. Thanks!
Any idea what happened to MID_E1585??

@edbianc, thanks for confirming. I’ll try to reproduce this on an Android account.

It might be offline – the weather service only displays stations that are currently online.

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