Disabled Zone?

Hi - I just noticed that on the app, a couple of zones read as “Disabled” but I have no idea why. I guess my bigger concern is how do I change them to reflect as Active?



Are you sure that they are in fact used zones, meaning you have valves around your yard that are wired to those zones on the Rachio controller?

Go into the disabled zone(s). You should see a little toggle just to the right of the zone name. From there, you may or may not need to add them to a schedule, or create a schedule for them.

I have disabled zones on my Rachio, but that’s because I’ve created them for testing purposes. They don’t really exist. But if you’re the only one who has used your Rachio, then you must have created the zones. If they really exist, you probably want them watered and should turn them on, if they’re off. If they really don’t exist, then it’s best to delete them, unless you have a specific reason for keeping them.