Disable/Enable a zone

Can I enable and disable a zone through the API? Seems to be available within the app, but I don’t see it as an option within the API documentation. I would like to replicate the feature within my project.

Something like



We do not currently support that functionality. What would be the use case?


Hi franz, thanks for the reply.

I currently use the enable/disable feature to exclude zones from running when I have guests parked in my driveway or kids out in the yard. The Rachio app for iOS has a slide button available to do this that can be accessed when you select a zone.

I have a python application that uses KivyMD as a front end that I run on a raspberry pie touch screen available in my living room and also on an Android tablet that floats around the house. This is a scaled back interface that I would like to add the enable/disable to as its something that we use quite often as we have a busy yard. I would like to make it super easy for my wife to disable zones on her own. I have a map of the yard on the interface and buttons indicating zones. These buttons would only do one thing, enable/disable the zone. My program looks for the enabled = true/false and checks all zones before a scheduled all zone run that happens daily. If a zone was disabled the previous day, I would like to enable it for the upcoming watering, eliminating my family from forgetting that they turned it off.

It would be great if this control point was added to the public API.



Thanks for the description, Ill work with the engineering team and see if can get this on the roadmap.