Direct Rachio 3 support for the smart hose timer as a zone

It would be helpful to be able to see and control the smart hose timer as another zone on a Rachio 3 controller so that all schedules, runs, quick runs etc. are managed in one place and in a consistent way.


I have this same question/request. Honestly that was the whole reason I bought this particular timer!

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I’v been eyeing the hose timer to drive a drip irrigation zone I’m planning, so that I could take advantage of weather intelligence (which the hose timer seems to have?) and zone configuration/flex schedules which it seems it doesn’t.

Are there any plans for adding at least support for Flex Daily schedules to the timer? Otherwise, I’ll probably go with the harder route of just setting up a hose-driven zone with a solenoid connecting to my rachio 3.

If you have a spare zone on the controller and able to get the wires there, I probably would do that. It is possible that Rachio will do that in the future, but they definitely do not now. I do not think the current hardware is set up that way and do not know the inner workings of the software.

Mistakenly just purchased one thinking it would the ability to create variable run times like the controller does on Flex Daily. Will be returning. I would suggest you guys add this functionality quick.

Created an account just to comment on this. But I too am floored this doesn’t directly integrate into the controller and act as an additional zone with the ability to add into the normal scheduling. For the price I’d expect a much better integration. Will probably return.