Dim or turn off lights on the box


Well my controller is NOT in my boiler room and IT’S not being used as path lights. It had to be installed right lat eye level when you drive into the garage.

Maybe you should include a matching piece of “blackout” tape for certain application if you can’t do a program fix for the blue light.


I installed my Gen3 inside of a Rachio outdoor enclosure and inside my garage.

I don’t see the light.


We have finished this development work (light dimming/off). It will be released after our quality team has verified.



Hooray. What Gen does it apply to? Now to get rid of Alexa support so you have room for HomeKit in gen 2.


Just Gen 3 :wink:


so no light dimming for gen 2?


@araposo - different hardware in Gen 2. I think those lights are just on or off versus the variability in Gen 3.


The Gen 3 has been likened to Kit from Night Rider.




And I’m over here with my Gen 1’s…:raising_hand_man: @franz can you write a code to dim my blinking lights?


I’m having a crack team work on that right now.



Thank you so much!


Guys come on trolls etc. this is just people talking and sharing. I really was shocked to see that thrown out. I think an internet troll would find someone else the Rachio to troll lol. Rachio should have and probably does in terms that nobody reads but should have the right to kick people off the site that are butts. Look I hate it when let’s say a person goes out and buys a Rachio tomorrow and has questions. They might not be an engineer like me I’m a retired cop I might ask some dumb questions because I don’t dabble in this everyday so if someone ask what you think is a silly question remember they might be brand new at this so if you are truly a man or woman that wants to help jump in there and answer the question in a helpful manner or if you think it’s stupid just be quite. I used to listen to click and clack and loved the way they never had a dumb question. I think that’s why they were so popular. Let’s have fun on here and help each other from a novice to the experts that talk over my head but I admire your knowledge. Kindness goes so far and the world needs more. Thanks my answer to you tree lights on the box is the same on all my electronic equipment in my bedroom. A piece of electrical tape. Done deal.