Dim or turn off lights on the box

It would be nice if I could dim the bright blue lights on my gen 2. The box is installed in my garage/man cave and the lights can be annoying while watching tv at night. My nest protect and Comcast cable box both allow you to dim the lights. A piece of duct tap has fix the issue for now but I don’t care for the look.


Yes I agree, Ideally I would like have the ability to have the rachio logo off, unless it is starting up or some other issue arises. In the meantime, tape will have to suffice.

I will trade you my Gen1 for your Gen2, that should help.


We have installed our Gen2 Rachio in our bathroom which unfortunately has no door between the bathroom and our master bedroom. The blue Rachio logo LED indicator is very bright and lights up the whole bathroom at night.

At first I tried covering it with black electrical tape, which completely blocks out all light from the LED indictor. This was good first solution, but I wanted to sometimes be able to see the status of the Rachio system.

Then I decided to try using white electrical so that some of the light from the LED would pass through but also appear more dimly. I applied multiple layers of tape which certainly dimmed the LED and made it darker in our bathroom/bedroom. It was possible to view the LED read out through the tape, but we decided it was still too bright at night even after adding 3 or 4 layers of white tape.

Finally, I tried 3D modeling a sliding plastic cover that slips across the whole face of the Rachio Gen 2 unit vertically. It covered the LED logo circle area and a little bit more. It can be slid back and forth across the front and expose or cover the LED on demand. I am still making improvements to the design and would love feedback from other users. I will post the Solidworks native file as well as an .STL file for anyone who wants to print it out as is. If you make improvement on your own or have suggested changes, please post them here. or contact me at @jellenbogen on Twitter.



Very cool @jellenbogen !

@jellenbogen wow! that is awesome! super creative!


I envision a whole new line of accessories!


Glad you like the idea, Franz. I teach a class called Inventing with Technology to Middle and High School students. If you are looking for additional accessory ideas for the Rachio Controller, perhaps some of my students (and I) could work on some designs.

Why not get a small piece of car window tinting material, comes in different shading and I’m sure you could find a shade that cuts down the brightness yet still allows you to make out the Rachio dial. I had purchased a small piece that they sold to tint automobile lights and covered a super bright bedroom clock radio display, worked GREAT


I’m hoping that a firmware update can fix this. For a $200 box this is a simple function to have. If not Rachio should make a tinted round cover to fit over the LED area and give them free upon request.


Here are a few photos of the latest version of the Rachio Controller LED sliding cover.


Very nice. Any plans to sell them?

I’m sure the logo is tm.

Agreed, the LEDs are too bright

This is a first to hear about a controller installed in a bathroom. No garage?


They make LED dimming tape as well.

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As others have written, here’s a relatively inexpensive solution path from LightDims:

I was just scrolling to the bottom of this thread to post this product. You beat me to it!

Any plans on implementing?

Just received my Rachio 3 and so far so good. Love it. Would like to be able to turn the blue light off also and turn on if needed.

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