Dig Brand 1/2" Drip Line Zone Calculations

I recently built two 8’ x 4’ raised garden beds and installed two drip zones one for each bed. Within each zone I used a 40 PSI regulator/filter combo with three 6’ runs of 1/2" Dig Drip Line across the top of each bed with approx 1’ between each run. For this season I am planting tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, and hatch chilis in the left bed (top of photo), and egg plant, okra, and watermelon in the right bed (bottom of photo). Below is a photo of the setup:

Below is the product that I used:

In my zone details I have selected annual vegetation, the soil is a mix of 70% compost and 30% sandy loam so I chose Loamy Sand, it gets lots of sun, and then I created a custom nozzle and specified it as an emitter with a precipitation rate of 2.3

Formula I used to calculate precipitation rate:
(231.1* x Emitter Flow Rate) ÷ (Emitter Spacing x Row Spacing)
e.g. ((231.11)/(1812)) = 1.07 in/hour

For now the area is 32 sq/ft I set root depth at 4 inches, allowed depletion of 50%, efficiency of 90% (nothing is 100%), and crop coefficient of 60%.Throughout the season I am planing on adjusting the root depth to 18 inches once the plants reach maturity, upping the crop coefficient to 100% during peak season, then adjusting the coefficient down to 80% as the season tapers off.

Does this seem right or are there any adjustments that I should be making?

Edited precipitation rate thanks to Emil!


I don’t have anything to add on your set up. It looks like you’ve thought that through. And since you know what you put in there, there’s no surprises. Good job on that and the raised beds. Looks nice!

Are those zones independent of other zones? If they are, this will be a good learning experience in fine tuning the water needs.

And hopefully the chickens won’t eat your veggies, just bugs!


Yep both zones are independent of all other zones, I had 8 zones on a 16 zone controller so I just added two more for a total of 10.

I am still trying to devise a way to keep the chickens out, for now they are cooped up.

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@Striker169, great garden beds! My wife would be jealous :wink:

I think you might have a math error. Looking at the product specs, the Dig Drip Line has emitter spacing every 18 inches. As such, I think the calculation should be: ((231.11)/(1812)) = 1.07 in/hour

Let me know your thoughts…

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As always Emil you are correct! They are 18 inches apart!


@emil is my garden and beard hero.


@franz We need an @emil emoji