Difficulties with Fixed Schedule

I have a Rachio 3 with 16 zones, which overall I am pleased with. I am using a fixed schedule because 9 of the zones are for the raised beds in my vegetable garden. Rachio recommends the fixed schedule for vegetables and I agree its the best for them. With each zone I am able to vary the amount of time it runs, but once I set the number of days all zones have to be the same number of days. For example I want to water the vegetables every 3 days. But with 16 zones I am also watering flowers, pots, and two lemon trees. I need to water the pots every day or every other day and the trees once every 5 to 7 days and the controller will not allow this.

Am I missing something? Is there some way to have different numbers of days between waterings for each zone?

Can you create another schedule using interval days?


That may help, but I can find nothing about how a Fixed Schedule can utilize Interval Days. There seems to be only the one option (under Interval) to select the number of days, and then those number of days apply to all 16 zones. I have tried varying the number of days on different zones, but it always changes all zones.

On the first screen after you select a fixed schedule, you chose which zones are part of that schedule, then apply whatever interval you want. Like @franz said, create one for vegetables and a second for flowers.


This might help answer further questions.


The link in the previous post has apparently been changed. Can someone update it?

I believe this should be it: Fixed Schedules