Difference between Model 3 and 3e

Hi, I have a Rachio 2 in a home I rent to tenants and love it.

Now just bought a new home and want to install a smart controller here. Looking at the website I cannot discern the difference between the model 3 and 3e, apart from a $50 price difference.

Please let me know what the difference is.


Aside from the lack of the 900 Mhz radio (used, so far, only with a discontinued wireless flow meter), 3e does not support flex daily schedule, arguably the most water efficient schedule type. That being said, flex daily does take some experimentation & finetuning to use for the full capacity, if you are derailing with tenants flex monthly will likely be sufficient as set it and forget it setup.

I think I also read the 3E can’t be upgraded with new software, while the 3 can.

I’ve seen that some, yet unreleased, advanced features may not make it to 3e, but I’m sure firmware updates will still be released to 3e.