Did my controller’s Wi-Fi fail

I’ve had the controller for 4 or 5 years, no issues. Now it says offline and following the troubleshooting process in the help screens has no effect. Nothing has changed other than it won’t connect. “Route this helps” suggested by the help guide shows 184.5mbs at the controller (it’s less than 20 feet from the router)

There’s a big F on the front of the controller and the 2nd light up is blinking. The entire F used to be lit up.

The systems schedule runs as programmed. Just not connected.

Time to replace?

Have you changed WiFi router ?

Check the WiFi channel in use. It should only use channels 1, 6 or 11 on 2.4ghz

Use Wifiman from Ubiquiti Networks to see what signal strength you have

You’re not alone. Since the beginning of May my gen3 is losing its wifi connection a few times per week. Others are having this issue too. I don’t think its hardware failure anymore.

Edit: Someone replied to my post about this the other day, said they are having the same wifi issues with a brand new controller.

Same Wi-Fi as as last week, and last year for that matter, when all was working well. Controller and Wi-Fi router are only 20 feet apart, very strong signal.

This is a gen 2.

Using the app to connect it finds the correct network, then says “Unknown Error”. Tech support keeps running me through resets but that’s been done to death. Sudden disconnect and no reconnect makes me think after 4 or 5 years it could be hardware.

Reviewing gen 3 as well as other brands. I’d go back to a manual unit but I’ve gotten to like being able to kick on a station just to check heads or after a change without going back and forth. I don’t need any of the water saving or rain prediction features. Water here is no cost no restrictions.

We’ll this morning it was connected again

We’ll see how this goes