Diaphragm Replacement Time


Just thought I’d let you know that is probably a good time to replace all your automatic valve diaphragms. They are probably deteriorating right below the solenoid creating a misting type leak when valve is activated. I will be replacing all of mine tomorrow at my house and will upload a ticket to my guys at all our campuses to do the same. They perform most of this kind of maintenance during the winter but the small residential valves we have in various planters seem to get overlooked. Anyways enjoy!


How often should they be replaced?


I don’t think there is a set timeframe for replacing them, but they are cheap insurance so you won’t hang a valve open and flood your yard.

Here in AZ I try to replace mine every 5-6 years. Way overkill I know, but ours are subjected to some pretty brutal temps!


From my experience from past leaks at the valve I learned that the tab that protrudes from the diaphragm just below the solenoid falls off and soon after the fine misting leak occurs. This pertains to the Rain Bird anti-siphons non-jar top type.