Diagram for installing wire misleading on Gen 2

Trying to insert the wiring was frustrating since the installation diagram says press the tab “DOWN” and not “IN”. In the process I broke tab 2. Then after finally finding a video on it, I discovered my mistake. Now what?

@SwampThing - I’ve seen Rachio stand behind their product, it comes with a two year warranty. If there are fewer zones than terminals, just abandon terminal 2 in place as the wiring doesn’t have to be contiguous. If every terminal is needed then call their support number, or create a ticket in the app and I’d believe that Rachio would swap out the unit PDQ. FWIW, the Gen 3 (yes, costs a few $ more) comes with a different (better) wiring strip along with some other features.


Great! Thanks for the information. Since I only have 7 zones, I’ll utilize the open zone and abandon zone 2. Good to hear that the Gen 3 has a better wiring terminal. Thanks again.

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