DFW Power User willing to setup Rachio for a fee

This could potentially be a new business opportunity for someone. I am looking for a Power User in the DFW area that is willing to come over to my house and setup up my Rachio properly. I am happy to pay that person for their time and expertise. Just to be clear i don’t need help with the install. my unit is installed and working. I need help with the settings. I am sure the Rachio algorithms are great, but the end product is only as good as the information that goes into it. If you are interested, please message me.



I may be of help. If you did the basic setup, I believe completing the setup is merely mapping your zones, and entering information about each zone, e.g. are you watering shrubs, trees or grass; the type of soil the slope, if any; the amount of sun; and, the type and location of each head.

Would be happy to help with all those steps. I just recently installed mine, and am very pleased with Rachio’s smart watering program.