Dew point

I would like to see a dew point adjustment for an intelligence skip. There’s times when the humidity is high along with the heat and you generally don’t want to water the during this time.

I think this would be a great feature when you could set your dew point at say 60% or higher, for it not to water.

Dew Point is a temperature in degrees F or C, at or below the actual temperature, and used to calculated Relative Humidity in %. If we didn’t water during hot, high-humidity days in SC, we wouldn’t need an irrigation system. :wink:


What @rraisley said.

But this is also a question I have been wondering about. Does evapo-transpiration (ET) take into account natural watering that comes from dew? My guess is yes, because higher humidity should reduce ET if everything else is equal. But just wanted to get a better answer than my guess.

The system isn’t built for everybody in the south. And it would be nice to have that option for everyone in the country.